About the Exhibition

“ It is an enterainment and cutural enent, organizedfor the amateurs in the falconry sport and hunting” , that has been launched under the Royal Decree No. (493) dated 28/ 1/1440 AH. The , in its first edition, will be organized by the Saudi Alsuqoor Club and under the supervision of HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince, Vice Preident of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Defense, and General Suspervisor of the Alsuqoor Club.

Our Mission

To Promote all that can help enshrine the values of originality, and preserve the transmission of the Cultural heritage across generations, in order to enable a smooth harmony between the man and his enviroment. To achive the cision of the Kingdom 2030.

Our Vision

The cultural privacy promotes the national identity and emphasizes the concepts of culyural and civilization diversity in the community.


To enlighten the public about the Kingdom’s heritage and its national identity, and communicate them to the future generations that seek to shed light on the falconry and hunting hobby thus enlightening the community about it. the objective behind this is to create a platform of communication combining amateurs to professionals in order to develop falconry and hunting industry and help boost the cultural and recreational activities in the community.