Camel’s Registration



  1. The seller or owner of the camel undertakes to take full legal responsibility for the safety and health of the camel, and proves that the camel is free from any diseases or defects. He also undertakes to deliver the accurate data about him and about the camel. Either the Saudi Federation for Camels or the Auction’s Organizing Committee shall not bear any liability.
  2. The auction is only dedicated for producers, and will not accept any purchased camel.
  3. The camel’s conditioned age is the “Mafareed Suoub”.
  4. Sale is valid directly after registration, and the camel’s approval given by the Auction Administration is considered compulsory, and the seller is not entitled to retract the sales amount.
  5. The auction will start at SR 20,000.
  6. Auction of the young camel (Qa’ud) will start at SR 15,000
  7. The seller is obliged to bring the camel intended to be sold, one day before the auction’s launch. He should bring the labors who will take care of the camel, in addition to the camels’ shepherd.
  8. The owner is obliged to get the camel ready and bring it to the auction on time.
  9. Once the camel enters the auction yard, only the real owner or his authorized representative should enter the auction area.
  10. Once the camel has been presented, and no auction is made against it, it will then be excluded from the auction, with no additional chance to be presented once more.
  11. The seller undertakes that he is the legal owner of the camel and has no partners other than his legitimate heirs.
  12. The camel’s cash amounts shall be transferred to the owner’s bank account mentioned in the Registration Form with maximum period of 30 days after the end of the auction.
  13. Water and feeding should be provided to camels during the auction period.
  14. Auction Administration will not be responsible in the event of any camel-related injuries occurred during the auction period.
  15. E-registration is not considered as accepted participation in the auction, unless the approval of the Organizing Committee is gained.
  16. The seller shall undertake to sign on the waiver to the purchaser, immediately upon the auction’s settlement. He should submit all the documents proofing the camel’s ownership.
  17. Registering the camel in the auction means the owner’s approval to sell the camel. The owner is not entitled to object the auction’s cash amount anchoring to the buyer. He is not also entitled to withdraw from the auction, or has the right to refuse to sell the camel.
  18. The seller commits to keep the camel for 10 days, and he is not entitled to perform any relevant act during that period.
  19. Camels should be brought in the auction on 5-12-2018, at Taawon Square in Riyadh, to make them ready for the auction.
  20. All of the auction sale’s conditions should be approved upon.

Agree to the terms and conditions