Falcons Registration

Auction Terms and Conditions

  • The auction is open to all participants wishing to display their hawks.
  • Registration is required for participating in the auction and displaying the falcons for sale, through the club’s website or at the Exhibition’s Registration Platform.
  • Registration is obligatory of participants, using their National ID or the passport.
  • Falcon information should be recorded as follows:
    • Falcon type.
    • Falcon passport – or Falcon ownership document.
    • Age of Falcon.
    • Falcon weight and size.
    • Health certificate, to prove that the falcon is free of diseases.
    • Type of farm in case the falcon was produced in, and the number of the farm’s number of the
  • Participation in the auction is permitted after fulfilling the registration and inspection requirements by the auction committee.
  • The participant undertakes to complete the purchase and sale process in the event of finalizing the bidding.
  • The participant should bring the falcons at the time of the auction, and he is deemed responsible for caring for the falcons.
  • The payment for the purchase shall be made directly between the buyer and the seller either in cash, bank check or bank transfer. This process shall be conducted directly between the two parties without any responsibility laid upon the Club’s Management or Exhibition.
  • The participant is not entitled to withdraw or reject any of the purchased falcons once the auction is set, under any circumstances, and he is fully committed to completing the sale process.
  • The Club’s Management or Exhibition shall not be liable in the event of any injuries occurred to the falcons during the bidding period.
  • The participant undertakes that he has read these terms and is responsible for all of the above, upon signing in.

Agree to the terms and conditions